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VOCE partners with Matthew's Voices to build community through song and storytelling

Matthew’s Voices and VOCE are excited to partner this spring to present “Take What You Need”, a concert where community connects, stories emerge, and relationships are formed, on March 17, 2019 in the Roberts Park United Methodist Church sanctuary. The concert will be centered around the piece “Take What You Need” written by Reena Esmail that came out of a similar collaboration.

Written in 2015, "Take What You Need" was written for the Los Angeles Street Symphony, which connects professional musicians and communities disenfranchised by poverty, homelessness, and incarceration. The text of the piece is a series of short phrases: "take a moment, take a breath, take care, take heart," etc., and we will use these phrases as thematic inspiration for the rest of the pieces on the concert before concluding with “Take What You Need”. In addition, all but a few of the pieces on the concert were composed by women and/or people of color, to feature traditionally underrepresented voices in choral music.

VOCE gives those who love singing an opportunity to work and perform with others who are passionate about developing their craft and giving performances that move people and enrich lives.

Artistic Director of VOCE, Robert Bolyard believes that, “singing enriches and inspires not only the person singing but those who are listening. VOCE is excited to use our musical talents to be in community with people who are often ignored.”

Matthew’s Voices’ mission is to provide a nurturing musical environment for Indianapolis’ most marginalized residents.

The Founder and Artistic Director of Matthew’s Voices, Jason Fishburn, echoes the thoughts of Bolyard saying, “Music effects our well-being and provides so much joy for everyone involved. This partnership means so much to those I sing with weekly; to be in relationship will each other will make a lasting impact on us all.”

Tickets are available for $5 and can be purchased at

Roberts Park United Methodist Church is located at 401 N. Delaware Street. Parking is free in the east parking lot directly behind the church. For more information contact Jason Fishburn at 317-983-4297 or e-mail:

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