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Indiana United Methodist Church Mission and Justice Ministries supports Matthew's Voices

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Through grants, board leadership, and choir engagement, Tom Heaton, Associate Director of Mission and Justice Ministries of The United Methodist Churches of Indiana supports the mission and work of Matthew's Voices.

Tom Heaton, Associate Director of Mission and Justice Ministries and newest Matthew's Voices board member, has made it possible, through the Indiana United Methodist Mission and Justice Ministries - Peace with Justice grant, for Founder and Artistic Director, Jason Fishburn-Grooten to attend the second annual "Street Choir Directors Summit" in Los Angeles, California in January 2019.

The Summit will continue the mission of connecting leaders in the movement of community singing engaging the homelessness crisis, Urban Voices Project will host the second annual summit in Downtown Los Angeles! Jason along with other directors from around the country will share their varied experiences in breakout sessions and join a community singing workshop with the Urban Voices Project choir in Skid Row.

Later in 2019, Matthew's Voices will sing during opening worship at the second annual "Mission and Justice Summit" held at Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin, IN in March 2019.

This past June 2018, Matthew's Voices performed at the Indiana United Methodist Church Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

"The singers in Matthew's Voices are always excited to lift their voices with the people of The United Methodist Church. If it weren't for the prayers, generosity, and radical hospitality given by the people in local United Methodist Churches, I don't believe we could have sustained our mission this long. We are grateful!", Fishburn-Grooten said as he reflected on the impact The United Methodist Church has had on Matthew's Voices.

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