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Homeless Persons' Memorial Service

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Memorial service held at Roberts Park United Methodist Church will pay tribute to people who have died while experiencing homelessness.

Each year community members gather to remember friends who have died while living on the streets of Indianapolis. The Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention hosts the annual memorial service at Roberts Park United Methodist Church. This year's service will take place on Friday, December 21, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Indianapolis' Mayor Joe Hogsett will provide words of remembrance this year along with other community leaders.

"Men and women struggling with homelessness deserve more than spare change," Hogsett said. "They need knowledgeable people to connect them with services, help them to apply for housing assistance and offer guidance to them on how to re-enter our city's workforce."¹ 

Matthew's Voices sings at 2016 Homeless Persons' Memorial Service.

Matthew's Voices will sing to remember.

Formed in 2016, Matthew's Voices, a choir for people experiencing homelessness, will share a song for mourners during this year's service. Founder and Artistic Director, Jason Fishburn-Grooten said that, "We should pause during this season to honor those who lived on the fringes. People who often were unnoticed by most and unloved by few; however, we celebrate their lives and give thanks for all the earthly Saints who cared about them."

Roberts Park United Methodist Church hosts memorial service.

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Scanlan-Holmes along with the congregation of Roberts Park are committed to serving all people.

Pastor Scanlan-Holmes reflected on the significance of the memorial, "The Memorial Service held on December 21st, the longest night, the darkest time, reflects the fact that many in our community face the bleakness of a winter without a place to call home. Sadly many of those who die during these times of homelessness find there are few who mourn their passing as they are separated from families. It is good that the community remembers those people in this service and reminds itself of the need to work hard to eliminate homelessness." He will offer the invocation during the service.

1. Holly Hays, "Hogsett Announces $500K Plan to Combat Downtown Panhandling," Indianapolis Star, November 20, 2018, , accessed December 14, 2018,

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